• Duration: 5 minutes
  • Chorus: SATB
  • Instrumentation: Solo Violin
  • Published: Novello & Co

From the Number One selling album Angel.  The use of solo violin and choir creates a fresh and unusual sound world.  I always envisaged, in performance, the solo violinist appearing alone before the different sections of the choir process from different points of the concert venue.  The words speak of the Archangel Michael saving heaven from the serpent.  The sinuous violin lines depict the serpent itself as well as creating a mood of majesty and quiet victory.

Vocal Score:

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Violin Part:

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Factum est silentium in caelo
dum draco committeret bellum
et Michael pugnavit cum eo et fecit victoriam.
Audita est vox Millia millium dicentium
Salus honor virtus et gloria omnipotenti Deo.

Silence befell heaven,
for a serpent was waging war;
and Michael fought with him and emerged victorious.
Thousands upon thousands of voices were heard
health, honour, virtue and glory to Almighty God.