Behold The King
(Vocal Score)


  • Duration: 5 minutes
  • Chorus: SATB
  • Instrumentation: Organ

A piece full of unbridled majesty and victory through its colourful registrations and insistent rhythmic patterns.  Perfect for Christmas or the great Feast of Christ the King.

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This carol is intended to be used either within a Christmas carol service or as a stand-alone Christmas centrepiece.  The beautiful words by Patrick’s brother Andrew have resulted in a work full of contrast and variety, and it is important that a full palette of colours is conveyed.  The fanfare-like sections need to be majestic and exhilarating whereas the more lyrical moments (normally accompanied by playful quavers on the organ) should be warmer and more expressive.  The Kingship of Christ is portrayed in its many forms (both humble and mighty) and these two extremes must also become clear to the listener.  Although intended primarily for Christmas, the piece would work well for the great Feast of Christ The King.



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