Pacis et Caritas
(Vocal Score)


  • Duration: 3 minutes
  • Chorus: unaccompanied SATB

A beautiful setting of words depicting the unifying power of singing together in peace and love.

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Scroll to 17:25 – Pacis et Caritas reprise with video

Performers will notice that this piece is in the pure, unadulterated key of C major.  While this has an enormously positive impact on atmosphere by creating a sense of simplicity and transparency, a lack of even the most subtle modulation means that a performance runs the risk of losing buoyancy.  Buoyancy, therefore, must be created through a strong and engaging pulse and an awareness of the underlying lilt of the phrasing.  Alternating choral textures (semi-chorus and tutti) provide inbuilt contrast, but this should be enhanced by expressive dynamic phrasing and a clear sense of the subtleties of the text.  There must always be an air of prayerful meditation as well as a driving towards climaxes at the appropriate points.

Carmina lungas pacis et caritas
Sempiterno cum desideravit;
Voces veniunt angulis terrae,
Praeter tamen semper conventus.

Singing together of peace and love
While longing for eternity,
Voices from the corners of the earth,
Though set apart, are forever bound in unity.

Words: Mark Strachan (1958 – ); adapted by Andrew Hawes (1954 – )



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