Fair Albion CD


Fair Albion: Visions of England speaks of Patrick’s love for his country and its heritage.  A collection of works for different choral and instrumental forces bringing together some of the nation’s most loved performers including Elin Manahan Thomas and Julian Lloyd Webber.

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The following text is taken from Patrick’s sleeve notes for the Angel album:

“The inspiration for my music stems from three essential areas – my Creator, my loved ones, and my country.  Being English opens the door to a wonderfully rich heritage, a fascinating history, beautiful architecture and stunning landscapes and seascapes.  Furthermore, I am instilled with a sense of pride and patriotism which resonates from our forefathers and their efforts to defend our island and the precepts which have made it ‘great’.  It is difficult to analyse those features which have given rise to Englishness in the styles of our great composers – Purcell, Walton, Elgar and Vaughan Williams for instance.  It certainly has something to do with a sense of majesty and a striving for things spiritual and noble.  Our open and honest countryside provides a pastoral inspiration and, just as important, our parishes churches stand tall and proud in every village in the land.  They have been and still long to be the life-blood of our communities and are perhaps underestimated in the influence they have worked on the English spirit.

The pieces on this album are all visions of England in that they either aim to portray a certain building or scene, or else they speak of a more general reverence for the country and its heritage.”

1. The Call (2.32)
2. Reflexionem (3.47)
3. Ascension (3.10)
4. Fair Albion (4.15)
5. A Birthday (3.03)

Three Broadland Preludes
6. Ranworth (3.23)
7. Fenside (3.30)
8. Remembrance (3.33)

9. Requiem Aeternam (4.51)
10. Gloriette (6.28)
11. How Hill (5.04)
12. Cantate Domino (4.02)
13. After the Rain (3.02)
14. The Darkling Thrush (5.08)
15. Quanta Qualia (4.34)

[Total duration: 60.21]